居住空間類 | 複層 TID獎

The TID Award of of Residential Space / Multi Level


Atrium House




推開大門,從屋外進入室內,立即見到盈滿天光與綠意的中庭,有種別有洞天的感覺,中庭內有個水池,池畔種了棵枝葉婆娑的五葉松,水中倒影伴隨著悠游的魚兒,共構出美麗的畫面,潺潺水聲飛濺,大量的水氣,像是天然的冷氣,客廳挑高的起居空間讓空間顯得大氣,也讓客廳與2F的書房有了對話與互動,天花及隔牆的木作,增加了些許溫暖的氣息,假日那裡也不去,沏一壺茶與朋友閒聊,聽著Sonny Clark的爵士音樂(Cool Struttin)夾雜著開朗的歡笑聲,度過一個愉悅的下午



地點 / 台灣雲林

設計 / 王曉奎建築師事務所

營造 / 水龍組 工務所

攝影 / 鄭錦銘

A house with a deeper depth, an atrium is arranged in the middle, dividing the house into two parts. Natural light and good ventilation are allowed in this setting. On the second floor, there’s a bridging structure connecting the two building spaces. In addition, two sets of stairs are located at the front zone and atrium respectively, forming a fluid loop of circulation route through the outdoor space. The house offers two different spaces that is divided by the atrium. The front part of the house is an open zone that consists of living room, kitchen, as well as the library on the second floor. The back part is an intimate space where family bedroom is located. All the spaces are organised around the atrium, looking out the view of the atrium with floor-to-ceiling window. The house provides strong privacy. The guests can have a comfortable visit in the front building without interfering the host’s private place.


Opened the door from the outside into the interior, immediately saw the sky filled with green atrium kind of amazing feeling, there is a pool inside the atrium, poolside planted five pine trees swaying branches, reflection in the water along with the fish swimming total configuration of a beautiful picture, the gurgling sound of water splashing, a lot of water vapor, like a natural air-conditioning, high-ceilinged living room living space to make the space seem atmosphere, but also to the living room and den 2F with dialogue and interaction, smallpox and The wooden walls, increase a little warm atmosphere, where holidays do not go, brew a pot of tea and chatting with friends, listening to jazz music Sonny Clark (Cool Struttin) mixed with cheerful laughter, spend a pleasant in the afternoon.




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